Expert Consulting

Achieved billions in proven Shareholder Value

Mr. Hunt’s experience, across many high performing Fortune 500 and the middle market companies, allows him to accelerate profitable growth efficiently.  He has a seasoned ability to avoid the normal barriers that slow profitable growth.

Mr. Hunt has been a consultant for major financial service, telecom and electric utility companies.  He has also consulted to many middle market firms where he had invested and where he was sought out to help owners in a variety of industries.  As a founding member of two Fortune 500 corporate strategy groups and the initiative for a competitive city at Harvard Business School (ICIC), Mr. Hunt has demonstrated the ability to generate billions of dollars of value in strategy, marketing, disruptive technologies, operations and M&A.

Making good businesses better – Even great businesses can be enhanced. Mr. Hunt expects to add value by leveraging his firms experience and capital in specific areas such as strategy, business process, information technology and change leadership.

Many middle market companies’ earnings can be expanded rapidly with re-focused operations, enhanced strategic directions and new customer partnerships gained through strong industry relationships and contacts. This, coupled with the use of leverage, product enhancements and increased focus on the customer, can unlock significant value.

Business Process Leadership and Technology Enhancement
Middle market companies, even very profitable ones, can benefit from operational improvements. Mr. Hunt is an expert at implementing business process changes enabled by rethinking key activities and technology.

Change Leadership
Mr. Hunt’s experience in leading profitable change will help companies realize enhanced performance sooner and open new possibilities for the future.

Technology Maximization
From legacy systems to the latest cloud based solutions, Mr. Hunt’s objective view, management methodologies and technology frameworks shed light on enhancements with immediate impact and long term competitive advantage.